Sunday, August 28, 2016

Special prayer request for Beth!

Today at church Doug Montgomery requested prayer for his wife Beth, who is on the mission trip in Ghana.  She fell on her hip sometime in the last two days.  After some phone calls back and forth to Doug to consult a PA and PCP, it is probably not fractured or displaced (if it was, she would be in tremendous pain).  When he reached her again with the doctor’s information, she was sitting up and doing better.  

Doug is asking for prayer for the pain to be relieved, that the injury is not too severe and that they are able to somehow make her a crutch to make getting around easier.  The team has about 1 ½ days of clinics left (today and tomorrow) for the mission trip, a day or two of rest/activities and then they fly home Saturday.  Unfortunately, she is a week away from getting medical tests and treatment.   Please unite in prayer for Beth this week.

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